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The class is called ‘Harmony’ determined to be the best in what they do. The teacher assists them with their homework and school projects. They also have a scheduled outside time, music and art activities daily. During the summer, each day consists of a math and science time, a reading time, as well as many games, activities and art projects that center around learning about us and the world around us.

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Testimonials About Our Harmony

The Harmony class at BB Kids has been a tremendous support for our family. The homework assistance is invaluable, and the diverse range of activities keeps our child engaged and excited. It’s more than just an after-school program; it’s a holistic learning experience.

Henry Montega


As working parents, the BB Kids Harmony class has been a blessing. The teachers not only help with homework but also foster a love for continued learning. Our child has gained not just academic skills but also valuable life skills and friendships.

Sandy Johnson


The Harmony program at BB Kids is a lifesaver for us working parents. The homework assistance and engaging activities keep our child not just occupied but excited about learning. It’s a relief knowing they are in capable hands                                           

Deanna Moore


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What does the Harmony program offer for before and after-school care?

The Lions program provides a comprehensive package including homework assistance, scheduled outside time, daily music and art activities, and a variety of engaging games.

How is homework assistance provided in the Harmony program?

Our dedicated teachers assist Lions with homework and school projects, ensuring a supportive environment for academic success and skill development.

What activities are included in the Harmony program during the summer?

Lions enjoy a balanced summer schedule with dedicated time for math and science, reading, and a variety of games, activities, and art projects centered around learning about our world.

How does the Harmony program support the overall development of children?

Lions not only receive homework assistance but also engage in activities that promote teamwork, leadership, and social skills, contributing to their holistic development.

How is the Harmony program beneficial for working parents?

The Lions program is designed to accommodate working parents by providing a safe and enriching environment. We ensure a seamless transition from school to the Lions program, providing continuity and peace of mind.

What sets the Harmony program apart in terms of academic support?

The Lions program prides itself on its committed teachers who go beyond homework assistance, fostering a love for learning, and providing additional academic support tailored to individual needs.

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