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Our Graceful Hands program offers a balance of free play and structured individual and group activities which give the children an all-round balanced development. At this age, the children are developing more intimate peer relationships, asking questions about the world around them, and developing self-disciple and control. Each child is viewed as a unique person and allowed to select many of their activities from among a variety of learning areas prepared by the teachers. Fine motor skills, number skills, language skills, and social skills are developed and enhanced in readiness for kindergarten.
The teachers engage the children in storytelling, reciting words, music, dance, drawing, tracing, coloring, singing songs together, block building in groups.
Reading and writing skills are enhanced in this class, as well as social skills such as operating, helping, and talking.

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Testimonials About Our Graceful Hands

Graceful Hands class exceeded our expectations. The teachers create an environment that encourages curiosity and creativity. Our child has developed a love for learning. We credit it to the thoughtful approach of the Blue Jays team.

Henry Montega


Enrolling our child in Graceful Hands class was a decision we’ll always be grateful for. The emphasis on social skills and readiness for kindergarten is evident. Our little one has not only learned but has also developed a strong sense of self and community.            

Sandy Johnson


The Graceful Hands at BB Kids is a lifesaver for us working parents. The homework assistance and engaging activities keep our child not just occupied but excited about learning. It’s a relief knowing they are in capable hands.                                               

Deanna Moore


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What is the learning approach in the Graceful Hands program?

Blue Jays balances free play and structured activities, providing a variety of learning experiences. Teachers create an environment where children can explore, learn, and interact.

How do you prepare children for kindergarten in the Graceful Hands program?

Blue Jays focuses on developing intimate peer relationships, enhancing fine motor skills, number and language skills, and promoting social skills to ensure readiness for kindergarten.

What role does creativity play in the Graceful Hands program?

Creativity is central to the Blue Jays. Children engage in storytelling, music, dance, drawing, and other creative activities to foster self-expression and imagination.

How is reading and writing introduced and enhanced in Graceful Hands?

Blue Jays actively engages children in reading and writing activities, promoting language development through storytelling, reciting words, and collaborative activities.

How are social skills developed in the Graceful Hands program?

Social skills are cultivated through cooperative activities such as group storytelling, music, and dance. Children learn to cooperate, help others, and build positive peer relationships.

How does Graceful Hands address the unique needs of each child?

Blue Jays views each child as a unique individual. Teachers allow children to select activities from various learning areas, tailoring the learning experience to the child’s interests and needs.

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