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This class is called “Cubs” and their color scheme is blue. As toddlers, they move quickly and with greater skills. They are beginning to develop social and language skills and test their independence. They also begin to teach themselves and learn from watching other children.

To develop these skills, we offer group exercises/ experiences which recognizes the special needs of each child. In this class, the children are spoken to frequently and are encouraged to participate daily in individual and group conversations and activities. They children are involved in a lot of activities where they select the colors they will like to use, what part they will like to be and other little decision-making activities. In this class, they are trained to use the toilet, handle frustrations, self-help skills are encouraged to help enhance the child’s self-concept and confidence.

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Testimonials About Our Cubs (Toddlers)

Our toddler has thrived in Blooming Branches’ Cubs program. The teachers strike the perfect balance between structured learning and play. We’re impressed with how our child’s language skills and confidence have flourished

Henry Montega


Cubs at BB Kids is like a second home for our little one. The teachers are not just educators but caring guides who understand the unique needs of toddlers. Our child eagerly looks forward to each day of learning and exploration

Sandy Johnson


Our experience with BB Kids Cubs class program has been incredible. The nurturing environment and sensory-focused activities have truly laid a strong foundation for our little one. We couldn’t be happier!

Deanna Moore


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How do you encourage social development in the Cubs program?
We foster social development through group exercises and activities, encouraging interaction and communication among toddlers.
What is the approach to potty training in the Cubs program?
We provide individualized support for potty training, recognizing each toddler’s readiness and progress with patience and encouragement.
How are language skills developed in the Cubs program?
Toddlers participate in frequent individual and group conversations and activities to enhance language skills, building a foundation for effective communication.
What kind of decision-making activities are included in Cubs?
Toddlers engage in activities where they make decisions, such as selecting colors, choosing roles in activities, and other age-appropriate decision-making exercises.
How do you handle frustrations and encourage self-help skills in Cubs?
Our teachers guide toddlers in handling frustrations positively, and self-help skills are encouraged to enhance each child’s self-concept and confidence.
What is the Cubs program's focus on independence and self-expression?
We encourage toddlers to express themselves and teach them to embrace their growing independence, fostering a sense of confidence and self-awareness.

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