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Infants (Busy Bees)- 6 weeks to 2 years:

The infants and toddlers begin to develop an understanding of the world around them through their senses and physical actions. To develop these skills, we design age appropriate exercises and experiences that will help the child develop at his/her own speed. The children are nurtured through sounds (e.g speak to them, play music, read to them), sight (point out different objects placed in their environment) and gentle touches (we allow them touch the age appropriate objects placed in their environments and the caregiver also give the gentle hugs). For the those crawling, we have adequate space for them to move with extra attention and supervision given to them. They are given opportunity to develop their fine and gross motor skills. This class is called “Busy Bees” and their color is yellow. Staff are here to help foster the interests of the children, engaging them in “play with a purpose”.

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